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In this course you will learn how to manage, rent and make the most of the properties requested in the long and medium term.

You will be given all the skills and tools that can be rented quickly and at the best market price, with the possibility of managing the properties in a practical and highly effective and profitable way. Book your course now and you will receive all the lessons and materials online, so you can follow everything from the comfort of your home whenever you want!


Course length: 18 Lessons

  1. ​Presentation

  2. The real estate market for medium and long term rentals

  3. Types of contracts

  4. How to create an effective business plan 

  5. Effective procedures

  6. Real estate trading and acquisition (secrets to get a good deal, areas to invest in)

  7. Channels and strategies for advertising

  8. Reviews

  9. GESTIM and DRIVE 

  10. Idealista

  11. Managing appointments

  12. Videos and photos (how to differentiate yourself from the competition)

  13. SOCIAL MEDIA – Instagram, Facebook, Youtube

  14. WEBSITE – wix, etc.

  15. Strategies for renting quickly: the law of scarcity and time

  16. Forecast

  17. Customer management: the importance of mediation

  18. Homestaging

$555,00 including VAT